Who Am I?

Who Am I?          Who Am I

I am just like You!

I’m no body special. I’m not a Pastor, I haven’t been to seminary. I’m just someone who has given his life to Christ and is trying to follow where He leads me.

I’m someone who has read and studied through the Bible, and listened to what God might want him to hear. I’ve opened my heart to Him and given Him free rein to do with me what He will.

I’m a sinner who has realized that the only way he’s ever going to be happy in this world is to do whatever God wants him to do. I’ve messed up in my life, just like you, with God’s help; I’m trying to do better.

My name is John Olson.

I live in the Heart Land; fly over country to those who live on the West or East coast of the United States.

I live with a God given, God Loving Lady who is more to me than I can say. She fills my life and is a true partner, not only to me, but also to my son.

I have been widowed and divorced and I can’t recommend either.

I’m someone who is going to Heaven one day, and I want as many of you to join me there as possible. Hell was created for the devil and his demons, not for us.

God does not condemn you to hell; you condemn yourself by not accepting the free gift of salvation through the death and resurrection of His only begotten Son, Jesus. By accepting Christ as Lord, you not only get Eternal Life with Him after you leave this planet, you get Him living inside you NOW. You get His Peace, His Guidance and His Help NOW.

I want the best for YOU, and for your Church if you are a Pastor or a Leader. I want to Wake You Up if you’ve fallen asleep. I want you to truly open your heart and soul to Jesus Christ. To open the door and let Him come in, giving Him free rein over all you have.

The Bible is Real, Christ came, died, rose from the dead, ascended to Heaven and He IS Coming Back. And You should be watching for Him.

I am just like you…