I have given this site to you, to help you understand that the Bible, Jesus, God, Heaven and Hell are Real. That Christ is coming back for His Church and that You need to be watching and ready for His return.

It’s my prayer that this Website will help those who find it, build a closer relationship with our Living God.

I pray that you come to understand that He wants a closer relationship with you. Being a Christian is not about going to this church or that church, it’s about a relationship with God, up close and personal.

And having that relationship with God is not about which hymns you sing, or which liturgy you follow. It’s about opening the door to your heart and letting Him in. Letting Him rule and reign in your life, all aspects of your life.

I urge you to get that Bible you’ve got around the house somewhere, I don’t care what version it is, and READ IT. Ask the Holy Spirit (the Third member of the Trinity) to let it speak to your heart and give you understanding.

Let God Show you the Way. God is Real, Heaven is Real, the Bible is Real and so is Hell and the devil.

Jesus REALLY did Live, Die and Rise again three days later. Believe it and Live it.

How did I come to create this site

I had been fixated on Revelation Chapter 3 verses 14 to 22. It’s where Jesus has told John to write letters to the Churches. This last letter is to the Church of Laodicea. In it Christ talks about them as being lukewarm and that because they are neither hot nor cold, but lukewarm, He will spew them out of His mouth.

This had been bothering me for quite some time. I was raised in a main line Church here in America and have been watching as the Church I grew up in, as well as many other Conventional Churches, getting farther and farther away from the Bible. Oh they still call themselves Christian Churches, but Christ did not seem to be alive in them. Sermons were becoming good little life lessons, and NOT teaching Biblical principles at all. Granted, not all the Main Line Churches are in this camp, but most seem to be heading there.

One day as I was thinking about this, out of the blue, the Lord said, “Wake the Churches, John I’m coming back.” I was blown away, but I rejoiced and I thanked God for the calling. I know most would say, “Hey, wait a minute Lord, that’s a pretty tall order, how am I suppose to do that?” And while I know this is a BIG task, I know too, that if the Lord is truly behind it, He will be right there guiding me and helping me to do it. I also know that I am not the only one to whom this call has come. As I listen to Pastors and teachers, I hear echoes of what He has told me. So I’m not alone in this calling.

And so, I have created this Web site as a way to start. It is my hope and prayer that what is written here will Wake People, as well as Churches up.

Christ is coming Back, and we ALL need to be watching for Him.