God IS

God ISGod IS

They are two simple words, “God IS,” but when you really think about them, they are everything.

To me the two words “God IS” describes so much.

God IS…

  • The one who created all things.
  • The one who loves you.
  • The one you can talk to about anything.
  • The one who listens.
  • The one who will be there for you when all others have abandon you.
  • The one who will watch over you.
  • The one you need when you have nothing and no one else.
  • The one who wants you to know HIM.
  • The one who knows YOU more then you know yourself.
  • The one who sent HIS SON to die in your place.
  • The one who wants you to live with Him in heaven forever.

God IS all these things and so much more.

We think we know so much about everything, but compared to God, we know nothing. He is the one who knows. He is the one with all the answers, even though we might not like the answers He gives.

God IS the one who said, “Let there be light” and saw that it was good. He is the one who spoke and it was. He is the one who created the earth, the sea and all that are in them. He spoke and the earth brought forth plants and all sorts of living things. And then He spoke and created us… you and me. And after we messed things up He regretted making us, but never totally gave up on us.  And He won’t give up on you.

God IS the one who created you and numbers even the hairs of you head, who values you above all the other things He created. You are special because He created you in His own image. He created you with a mind to think, to learn and to understand.

He also created you to choose.

You have to choose to believe or not to believe, to accept His love or to reject His love.  There can be no true love without the freewill to accept it or reject it.

God IS the one who gave us that freewill and I’ve got think it could be the one thing He gave us that He might have second thoughts about. But that is the way He made us and He won’t take it away from us.

God IS the one who also gave us the beauty of a sunset or sunrise, the majesty of an ocean or mountain. He gave us the ability, like Himself, to create though on a much smaller scale.

It’s sad to think that there are some of us who believe that all that we have, see, touch, hear and taste is some kind of cosmic accident. That it all sort of happened. They just can’t believe that God IS the one who made all this.

Why is that?

The answer is simple really.

If God really IS the creator of all this and us, then we owe Him! And they don’t want to owe anything to anyone but themselves. To people like that, the world is all there is, and it’s all about them, and not God.

That’s sad.

Think about it, our solar system is in just the right spot in our galaxy to keep us safe and this plant is in just the right spot in our system to give us enough light and warmth. The earth is tilted in just the right degree to give us the seasons and to moderate our temperatures throughout the year. I could go on, but let’s just say we are perfectly positioned in the universe and that if we were off a little bit in any number of things, life could not exist on this planet.

God IS the one who placed us in just the right spot with just what we need to live and survive.

Image how complex the human body is and then try to image it just happening to come together by accident.

So many plants and animals need each other to live and survive, and they couldn’t survive the one without the other, and you think that was all by accident.

Is this world perfect?

No, of course it isn’t. God IS the one who made it perfect, but then we came along and messed it up. But for some reason He still loves us, still cares about us and still wants us to know Him.

In the beginning God IS the one who created the heavens and the earth and all that are in it. In the Beginning we had a perfect relationship with Him, but then because of that pesky freewill thing, we departed from that relationship and went our own way. God IS the one, throughout the rest of history, trying to restore that relationship.

And He is still trying.

Through the birth, life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, God’s Only Begotten son, He is still working to bring that relationship back to where it was at the beginning.

Right now, if you don’t know Him, God IS the one who is offering His hand to you…

Take it and come to know who God IS. 

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